Portable work site traffic lights

SEÑAL CONFOR proposes an economic model of portable traffic light for work sites with LED lights and body in a mixed galvanized steel and Polycarbonate. This mix of materials provides a product resistant to the hard treatment that receives this type of material in the work sites.

The control console is handheld, waterproof, resistant to falls and impacts and easy to use and program.


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Set of portable LED traffic lights:

  • Intensity regulation: Self-Regulation Photo Sensor.
  • Light Emission: maximum power LEDS 32W -12V.
  • Times: Regulation in switchboard.
  • Voltage: 12V
  • Connection: Wireless Quartz.
  • Alarms: Lamps Failure - Low Battery.
  • Dimensions: Closed traffic light: 48x81x69cm. Open traffic light: 48x 81x177-232cm.
  • Weight: Single traffic light without battery: 32 Kg.
  • Traffic lights set without battery: 64 Kg.
  • Autonomy: 6.25 days (150 hours) with 100Ah batteries at full.
  • Battery not included.
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