Berlin cushion

The pacification of urban traffic providing rubber reducers must be compatible with the need for regular and smooth running for certain special vehicles such as ambulances or adapted transport.


Because of this we have developed an element of speed reduction (the "Berlin pad") that discourages excessive passenger cars but allows the passage without shock to vehicles whose battle exceed 160cm wide as is the case of ambulances and vans adapted to wheelchairs.

SeñalConfor presents a wide range of Berlin cushions including a model of economic cost both purchase and installation notes.


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Berlin cushion

Not available  

Berlin octagonal cushion of 9 assembled parts. Dimensions 170cm x 170 cm. White arrows vulcanized on mass. Black.

It needs 36 anchors EXPR10100 NOT incluided in price.

1 Black Not available  

Berlin octagonal cushion of 12 assembled parts. Dimensions 220cm x 170 cm. White arrows vulcanized on mass. Black.

It needs 50 anchors EXPR10100 NOT incluided in price

1 Black Not available  
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