7520 bollard accessories

SeñalConfor supplies its bollards with specifically designed anchors. In this family there are several pure expansion anchors, expansion-chemical adhesion and pure chemical fixation.

Each substrate or situation has a way of anchoring and SeñalConfor provides optimal and recommends the most appropriate to each case.

Different bollards are supplied in series with a valid standard anchorage for most cases but if you encounter a special situation (floors, bridge decks, heated pavements, interior floors, etc.), consult with us your case and we will try to help you with the best solution.

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Not available  
CARSP10111 CARSP10111

SP101 single component adhesive Henkel. 330 grams cartridge. Grey color

Suitable for over-fixing expansion anchors on asphalt substrates and even wet concrete. A cartridge reaches up to 15-20 fixings. Use temperature +40ºC +10ºC

6 Grey Not available  
EXPB181420 EXPB181420

Chemical expansión anchor for fixing H75 bollards. Diam. 18mm x 150mm long. M10 screw. Black

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It is installed with 18mm diameter clean drill hole of 16cm depth. It needs Henkel SP101 type adhesive or similar not included in price


15 Black  
EXPB11810 EXPB11810

Polyamide expansion plug for fixing H75 bollards. Detachable or ejectable models

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It is installed with 14mm diameter drill hole of 12cm depth with M10x100mm screws


Light heavyweight 75cm cone, two pieces PE ORANGE, PVC flexible 41x41cm base. R2 Class 22cm white collar, weight 5kg

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Classified Class W2 according to rule EN13422 +A1

150 Orange  
LEXE190013 LEXE190013

Magnetic BLUE long key, hexagonal 19mm for anchors with M12 screws

It serves for anchors ref. EXPB181520, EXPB222020 and META1416ZN, with M12 screw

1 White and grey Not available  

Metalical chemical anchors for fixing H75 bollards. Diám. 18mm x 180mm long. With M12 short screw. Electrogalvanized steel. With 8cm limited depth option

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It is installed with 16-18mm diameter clean drill hole of 18cm depth. It needs Henkel SP101 type adhesive or similar not included in price

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